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Because It Matters

The Butterfly Foundation, Inc.

is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that was established to assist hospice patients and their families with services and products that are not covered by the usual hospice benefits.



The Butterfly Foundation’s mission is to collaborate with Medicare certified hospice organizations and their patients and families to achieve a level of comfort, dignity and joy at the end-of-life by meeting the material needs, unique opportunities and desired experiences to enhance their quality of life during their final days.


The Butterfly Foundation will offer its support by:
  • Promoting increased awareness and access to hospice;

  • Providing funding for services for patients and families with special needs not covered under the hospice benefit;

  • Providing care and services for the partial pay or non reimbursement patients;

  • Providing educational opportunities for health care providers and end-of-life caregivers.